Imagining the Digital Future Center

The Imagining the Digital Future Center is a research initiative of Elon University focused on the potential future impact of the digital revolution and what may lie ahead. The Center was established in 2000 and renamed with an expanded research agenda in 2024. Its mission is to discover and broadly share a diverse range of opinions, ideas and original research about the likely evolution of digital change, informing important conversations and policy formation. See links to all research reports


Photo of Imagining the Digital Future session at IGF 2023.

Collaboration Project: Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

Imagining the Digital Future is coordinating a global effort to to help guide development of artificial intelligence policies and practices in higher education. More than 140 higher education organizations, administrators, researchers and faculty members from 47 countries have collaborated to create a position statement with six guiding principles. The statement was released at the 18th annual United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Kyoto, Japan. Learn more on the initiative’s website.