AI & Politics ’24, released May 15, 2024

A national public opinion poll conducted in partnership with the Elon University Poll found that 78% of Americans say that AI will be used to manipulate social media, create fake information and convince people not to vote in tgeh 2024 presidential election. About 7-in-10 think most voters are unable to detect fake photos and video and nearly half doubt their own abilities to spot digitally altered media.

Report on the impact of AI by 2040, released February 29, 2024

In a two-pronged Fall 2023 research initiative, Elon University’s Imagining the Digital Future Center completed a U.S. national public opinion poll and a canvassing of more than 300 technology developers, business and policy leaders, researchers, analysts and advocates. It explores the potential impact of AI on individuals’ personal lives and on bedrock aspects of society, such as politics and elections, health care delivery, education and others. The research findings reveal a wide range of views, with many expressing concerns over serious challenges to human well-being and worry over unprepared human systems, others looking optimistically to great advances in quality of life and a great number in the middle who are uncertain and uneasy about the changes ahead.

Previous reports

Earlier research reports – published over the past few decades under our previous center title, the Imagining the Internet Center, can be found at the links below. This is an extensive collection of experts’ views about the likely future of digital life since 2004.