February 29, 2024. This report covers the results from the 17th “Future of Digital Life” canvassing of a large set of global technology experts, paired with a U.S. national public opinion poll about the role rapidly advancing AI will play in individuals’ lives and across broad societal systems.

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National Public Opinion Poll

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In its first public opinion survey, Imagining the Digital Future found that Americans are overwhelmingly concerned that artificial intelligence will have a negative impact on their personal privacy and their opportunities for employment. They also predict negative consequences for politics and elections and the level of civility in society.

At the same time, there is great optimism that AI will benefit healthcare systems and medical treatments and bring positive benefits to day-to-day work tasks.

Research methodologies
and topline findings

This report combined the polling resources of international market research and consulting firm, Ipsos, with the long-running expert canvassing practices that have been the hallmark of the “Future of Digital Life” reports conducted by Elon and the Pew Research Center.

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