“Let me share six main ideas about what life could be like in 2040:

  1. There are lots of useful innovations in most areas of life. Many people may live better, for example, overall health may be improving.
  2. AI-based communities/systems/entities have access to financial, personnel, infrastructure, IT, communications, mineral, military and all kinds of other resources needed for functioning in contemporary society.
  3. AI communities/systems/entities can operate humanity’s physical-world items and can do almost anything that may be needed in daily lives.
  4. Hostile and aggressive AI systems and environments will further proliferate, often supported or initiated by various human groups.
  5. Major conflicts are starting to emerge between human alliances and AI + human and AI-only communities/systems/entities.
  6. A Human/AI symbiosis is emerging.”

This was written in November 2023 in reply to the question: Considering likely changes due to the proliferation of AI in individuals’ lives and in social, economic and political systems, how will life have changed by 2040? This and more than 150 additional responses are included in the report “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence by 2040”